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Service offerings

Human resource solutions
  • Design and establishment of Human Resource Systems

  • Preparation of Job Descriptions, Organizational Charts

  • Analysis of human resource /company operations and implementation of new systems, processes and procedures.

  • Design and implementation of Employee Reward, Recognition and Engagement programmes.

  • Design and implementation of Staff Development Programmes (Job Enrichment, Job Rotation, Manager in Training, etc)

  • Preparation of Company Manuals and Employee Handbooks

  • Training Needs Assessment

  • Cultural Presentations

training programmes

The Manager that leads

One of the dangers of Managers that do not lead is to have employees who are not motivated and productive. This training offers some exciting insights into leadership and the benefits of influencing your employees to positive change.

Strategies for building Winning Teams

If you are tired of having groups that do not function cohesively, this is the programme for you. Learn creative strategies for building a world-class team. Then watch your team soar!

Team Jamaica

Team Jamaica is a movement for quality service improvement. It seeks to provide tourism personnel with the knowledge, interpersonal skills, and attitude for THE
DELIVERY of quality service.

Creating a Harmonious Industrial Relations climate

One mistake that organizations make is to ignore what makes employees happy and what makes them “tick”. Creating an environment in which employees feel that their workplace is a great place to be is the best thing that could ever happen to all concerned.


This programme is designed to expose participants to the rudiments of Industrial Relations and how everyone can work in harmony. Make the
change and watch the results manifest.

Effective Methodologies for Managing the 
Employees Experience

Well-motivated employees are like satisfied customers, you can “bank” on them. If you have struggled with how to manage your
employees experience on the job, this is the course for you. Learn about the methodologies needed to get your employees to have a great experience at work and to take this energy home with them.

Making a Difference
as a Supervisor

Supervisors are the “shock absorbers” of the organization. Are you tired of complaining of Supervisors who are not effective? Or, have you recognized your own weaknesses as a Supervisor? This is the programme for you to grow. This programme is designed to equip Supervisors with the skills and competences to make the dream work.

Sales & Idea Generating Programme

Nothing beats a good idea. Turn on the
creative lights in your mind in this powerful “brainstorming” session. If you want to improve on your product of service, be a part of this dynamic and fun-filled programme. Your future self will thank you for it!

Email Etiquette

This programme is designed to assist the
participant in saying just what needs to be said without offending or seemingly intimidating another person. If you are not sure of how to communicate your thoughts or feelings in writing, this is the programme for you. Learn about words to use and avoid in communication with others.

Managing Sexual Harassment at the Workplace

The pain and frustration of experiencing or managing sexual harassment issues at the workplace can be destructive to the
organization. Learning about what constitutes sexual harassment and how to manage and prevent it will be sure to prevent the pitfalls that causes so much discomfort to those concerned.

The 21st century Tour Guide

If you are a certified and practicing Tour Guide, you will surely need to “raise the bar” to a higher level. Tour Guides are educators, entertainers, and cultural ambassadors. The opportunity is now
yours to become that 21 st century Tour Guide who plays a pivotal role in interpreting what your guests see, hear, and feel. Get on board and register for this life-changing experience as you learn and appreciate what makes you so valuable as a Tour Guide.

Growing ME towards Purpose and Greatness

How many times have you felt that you are not confident to take on life’s challenges? How many times you have felt that you do not know your purpose. Come on this journey of self-discovery and growth, you will be happy you did!

The Making of an Entrepreneur

Whose problems can you solve? Whose
burden can you make lighter? Discover the tenets of entrepreneurship and change your life, forever.

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